Who goes there?!
Ah, why hello you kit. No, no need to unsheathe your claws. Let me introduce myself. I am Longstar a former leader of AuroraClan. I live in the wonderful world of warriors. Why you've never heard of them? Well, would you like to know? *Purrs* Very well. Walk with me, and I will tell you all about warriors, the clans, and what we learn and do.
A few things before you begin
Hi guys. I'm Blueheart and Co. The owner of this site. Now before you begin I'd like to say a few things. 1. Warrior Cats does not belong to me, it rightfully belongs to Erin Hunter. I am just a HUGE FAN. 2. Read the rules before you sign up, they are important. 3. HAVE FUN!
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